Nursery Redo

When we found out we were having a boy, I knew exactly what I wanted the room to look like. I knew I didn’t want something that screamed baby, instead I wanted something that looked like a little man. I went with the colors navy, white, grey, and orange. A quick coat of grey paint on the walls made the room seem so bright and airy. Then it was time for some custom pieces! I found the changing table and glider from an amazing momma that was redoing her little man’s room! It was time to go from baby to big boy room, so we hit the jackpot!

2014-03-18 08.58.08

A couple coats of white paint and some orange and white polka dot paper, and a couple of hours later….we had the perfect colorful custom changing table!
2014-03-18 15.30.39

In our old bungalow there are large windows on almost every wall. Think back to the days pre-AC and it’s pretty apparent that you would need plenty of air-flow to keep cool in these Oklahoma summers. I knew the window treatments would need to have pizzazz and pull the room together. I opted to sew them myself, and lucked out on some pretty awesome fabric choices from JoAnn and Hobby Lobby. It’s surprising how affordable black-out fabric is. I lined the curtain with black-outs so that midday napping would be possible. Then I sewed two separate pieces, one hanging from a tension rod (lined) and the other hanging from the curtain rod with clips. I was very pleased with the results.

2014-03-18 10.03.28

We had this little wooden nightstand, $10 at a local antique store, that just needed a  facelift for the room. Although our colors were orange, grey, white, and navy, I opted for a terra cotta color of paint so the oranges wouldn’t be overbearing or competing. (you can see the finished product in the pic of the nursery below)

2014-03-18 13.19.44

These cute spice rack bookshelves have been on almost every wishlist I’ve had. I love how they are functional and add color to walls at the same time. I ordered them off amazon, and for less than $15 we had a functional piece of art right above our glider for nighttimes filled with storybooks and snuggles.

My amazing mother offered to sew the bedding, which was a huge help! Everything we looked at online, in stores, etc. was too “baby” and didn’t go with our colors. Having a sewing grand-momma saved us a ton of worry and provided the perfect accent to our little man’s room. The rug below was a thrift store steal! While craft-weekending with my best girlfriends in Newton, KS I found this little gem in a back corner booth. It was marked $75, and while I was in love with it’s charm, I told myself I wouldn’t go over $50 for it. At the counter I asked the clerk what she would take for it,  she looked it over and said $40. Sometimes, the stars just align! What a deal!


As I close this post out, I just have to highlight the little wall collage we created for his manly room decor. I found the prints on etsy for next to nothing, and created the “S” from the wooden letter bin at Michaels and some scrapbook paper. This little touch is the first thing you see as you enter the room, and I just love how inviting it turned out to be!


What are your favorite nursery touches? Any must-haves for decorating your little one’s room? Would love to hear from you!


Working Momma

2013-11-17 23.02.40

This year our whole lives changed. We went from a wedded two-some to the happiest of three. While thinking about, worrying over, and constantly planning for this big leap in our lives…there’s truly nothing that can get you wholly ready for having your first child.

baby photography b&d photography

I did some very worthwhile reading in preparation, and believe me when I say…save yourselves some time and worry and read these books.

what to expectI felt somewhat obligated to invest in “What to Expect”. It’s still regarded as one of the most comprehensive manuals for preparing and planning. However, I found it hard to stay engaged in this reading. I would go in spurts of not being able to putting it down, to never wanting to read it again. So, if you’re finding the same thing in your reading…have no fear, here are the two must-haves for newborns.


“Babywise” The best nugget of advice from this book is how much emphasis it places on your marriage, and relationships. The entire first chapter is about getting things in order in your relationship so that your baby can thrive. We often underestimate the influence of our daily mood swings on the feelings of security for our new little family member. This book helps us begin to connect all of the dots.

Happiest baby on the block

“Happiest Baby on the Block” I cannot say enough great things about this book. If you’re looking for that newborn 101, how-to, this is an excellent addition to your arsenal of mommy-must-haves. The other great part is how much historical background it gives on things. I was fascinated to learn about the evolution of baby’s reflexes, etc. This is one great, easy, read that I keep coming back to. In fact, my sweet father-in-law was able to dole out some words of wisdom about the 5 S’s (sleep method) to his hairdresser who is struggling to get her newborn to sleep. Its a fail-safe method…and works every time!

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So, things have drastically changed around here. It’s no wonder that my online diary will have a different perspective and focus. Tell me, what books got you ready for the #motherlove?