I just love the Real Simple Website. Especially when they feature ‘new uses for old things.’ So many of them are such a, “Why didn’t I think of that!?” So in all the preparation for our trip, I was interested to see what kind of travel ideas they might have. Here are my favorite ideas, but you can see all of them by clicking here

New Uses for Old Things, The Travel Edition

  1. Sewing Kit – Make a compact sewing kit with a cork! Stick needles and pins in and wrap it with a few lengths of thread.
  2. Shoe Bag – Prevent dirt or sand-covered shoes from mingling (and soiling) neatly packed clothes in your suitcase. Even better on the return home, using the hotel provided shower cap.
  3. Coasters as Gift Tags – For clever gift tags that capture a travel memory, Real Simple suggests hanging on to cardboard coasters from the bars and the restaurants we visit on our journey. So that when we return home with souvenirs for friends and family, we can punch a hole near the edge of the coaster, tie a ribbon through the hole, and write a quick note in an empty space (or on the blank side). So thoughtful!
  4. Jewelry Organizer – For tangle-free jewlery on the go, place chains and earrings on a length of wrap, roll tightly, and tape closed. Your necklaces will emerge from your suitcase ready to wear, even if the same can’t be said for the clothes.
  5. Earring Holder – Keeping track of studs and tiny earrings is a challenge. If you have a wrist-watch to pack, place the studs through the holes on the watch strap and then attach their backs. No fuss no muss!
  6. Manicure Kit – An unused glasses case makes a convenient storage spot for nail files, clippers and other manicure essentials while on the go.
  7. Camera Carrier – Protect your picture taker from getting knocked around in your carry-on by placing it in a hard plastic travel soap case.
  8. Spill Preventer – Stop leaky toiletries from putting a damper on vacation by covering each bottle and tube with a layer of wrap.

So many great ideas, so little time…looking forward to sharing stories from our travel next week. Til then lovelies, xoxo~

Cous Cous

Lovelies, have you tried the amazing Moroccan food of Cous Cous? Snuggled in a strip mall on May and 61st, this little gem had escaped me. However, I just recently was introduced and blown away by their delicious cuisine!

I dined on the Kofta Kabob Sandwich and it was heaven.
My friend, Lexy, had the Lamb Kabob Sandwich and it was also divine!
The music provides an escape from traditional restaurants and they also advertise FREE Turkish Classes at the Raindrop Tea House, 405-702-0222. I’m dying to enroll and immerse myself in a little culture.

So next time you’re feeling a little adventurous, book a trip to Cous Cous, to indulge in an awesome dining experience!


Patio Furniture Face Lift

Lovelies, with our new privacy fence in it’s new place, we are ready to wine and dine in the comfort of our very own backyard. However, we were in need of some fine patio furniture. And being the keen shopper I am, I was on a hunt for a steal! I scored this vintage patio set at a nearby estate sale for only $80!! I’ve done some hunting on-line and for a comparable set, the prices range from $500-$1,500! So I’m feeling pretty good about this little bistro table and 4 chairs. However, even though I adore white, I felt it really dated this set. I just imagined it on a little ‘ol lady’s front porch, and while that is charming…it’s not quite what we had in mind for our backyard.

Iron Patio Furniture, Vintage Patio Furniture

So I loaded up on spray paint and got to work! We also scored an incredible umbrella with stand for $30 at Aldi’s, and wanted to the set to match. I started off with brown, and quickly decided that black is classic for a reason. 7 cans of classic spray later….

Vintage Patio Furniture, Iron Patio Furniture

It’s just so cozy! {Of course the dogs had to photobomb all of my pics, so enjoy Gus posing, and Carter pawing at the gate!} We still envision a very welcoming brick, wooden deck, or concrete paver patio inside the fenced area…but that is still in the works. So for now, they are residing on our concrete slab, outside of the fence.

What do you guys think? What should we use for the patio area?

So many projects, so little time!


Sew Easy Pillows

Lovelies, my new sewing machine arrived!! And I’ve already started putting it to good use! The dog days of summer had me ultra busy as I whipped up some accent pillows for our living room. Behold the beautiful shades of mauve and blue in their former life. Ugh! I actually acquired these little guys for no charge! I know, I know…pillow forms are just too darn expensive, who can resist free? So a couple of side seams and a hand stitch top, and voila, a much needed update for our couch! I picked out the fabric from and love their extensive choice of patterns! I wish the white polka dots were a little larger on the yellow pillows, but alas, they are very tiny! We have several more projects for the living room on the horizon…I simply can’t wait to have everything in it’s final place!!

Couch Update, Living Room Makeover, Recovering Pillows,