Mom Guilt & Balance

family photographs, mom guilt, enjoy

Warning: written from a very vulnerable and honest perspective. #life

Dearest Lovelies, this mom guilt thing is not a concept…but this feeling is new to me. I remember thinking life was pretty great when I could snuggle my sweet bundle and literally not leave the house for days, go for a Sonic milkshake run with the hubs at 10pm pre-baby, or Netflix binge all day. So where is this crazy feeling coming from? And why does it make me so stinkin’ anxious? I feel like if I’m not dragging this sweet baby all over creation that I’m not doing my mom job. I’m so very lucky to have summers to spend with the fam, so that means we have to be doing something gram worthy everyday right?

I recently made the conscious decision to take Facebook off my phone, and limit my time on my other favorite social app, Instagram. With the influx of watching all of my fabulous friends and their families globe trotting, exploring, or just sharing, it became overwhelming. This innate and unhealthy sense of “keeping up with the Joneses” is just more than my sweet little heart can handle.

I started feeling guilty if I wanted to escape the heat and stay inside all day with lil man. Or started focusing on a trip that is never going to be within our student loan bearing budget. I automatically started isolating myself and my family.

So I’ve decided that in order to appreciate the amazing adventures my friends, family, and our little trio are taking I’ve got to start looking at it through a different lens. Forgive me if I seem out of the loop and not up to date on the latest posts. I’m trying to find my balance, and making a whole lot of mistakes on that journey so far. More importantly, love yourself, love your family, love your friends, and the rest will follow!

Interested to hear how you’re finding your balance…feel free to share below!