As we celebrated our first Thanksgiving holiday with little man I couldn’t help but think back on traditions my family shared. Growing up my dad would always have us go around the table and name at least one thing we were thankful for. As we neared our teens we would roll our eyes at this cheesy tradition my dad made us do. Now as I’m rocking my baby boy to sleep at night, I get it. It’s not a dorky tradition, it’s meaningful. My thankful list keeps growing and growing on the daily, but I’ll narrow it down for the sake of time.

thanksgiving family photograph, mommy blog

I’m truly thankful for a life where I get to do what I love each and every day. Teaching kids how to read, how to love math, how to get along, and how to be curious, is what I was called to do. Thankfully my husband values finding meaning in each day as well, and supports my not-so-glamorous career choice.

Thankful for great friends who know how to laugh, cry, and connect.

Thankful for parents, grandparents, and siblings that are always just a phone call or short drive away.

Thankful for a husband that brings peace, calm, and stability to my crazy world.

Thankful for our miracle, and biggest blessing – I can’t stop staring at him…and I can’t wait to see what he will be.

During this time of holiday hustle and bustle be sure your telling those that mean the most, just how thankful you are for them. What are you thankful for? Tell me below in the comments!