Talihina Sky

Tonight was the start of deadCENTER film festival. The perfect weather, the perfect spot, the perfect movie? I must admit, this was my first outdoor viewing at deadCENTER along with many of my companions. We gathered, we scouted and we settled in for an interesting night nestled in Automobile Alley. The energy was contagious with local vendors like Iguana Mexican Grill, La Luna and RED Primesteak serving up some good eats and good drinks. Once the sun went down, Lance McDaniel, Executive Director of the whole sha-bang, made some brief introductions…and without further ado the documentary started rolling.

Talihina Sky - the documentary of the Kings of Leon

This particular film was sort of mind-boggling. It showed the best and worst parts of southeastern Oklahoma. Pentecostal upbringing mix in a cast rife with characters and you have the true story of the making of the native Oklahoma band, Kings of Leon. Not having heard much about the film before attending, I had zero expectations. In the end, I left humming some of their more popular tunes and had some good take-away questions for debate. The documentary touches on two very sensitive issues – Religion and Politics – yet never really offers any strong leaning. I have to admit I admire a documentary that just is what it is…not altered or contrived to make a point.

The Story of Kings of Leon Talihina Sky

Also, who doesn’t love a story about the underdog? If these guys can struggle through what was not an easy childhood, and create art that reaches so many people, why can’t we all? Juss sayin’ it was a bright spot for the festival, and you’ll have to watch it for yourself. So as not to disappoint, here’s a trailer, enjoy! *warning contains offensive language

to life!

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